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Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31st

We're back on a chemo schedule! Amy was cleared to resume next Wednesday in the morning. She has just two sessions to go, three weeks apart. It will be four hours of treatment all into the chest port (which Fritz put in, so there's no way it will fail like the other). She is happy to be able to make progress towards putting this in the past.

As a glimmer of what's to come: This morning Amy discovered white peach fuzz on her head. We all gently rubbed it for luck and Claire was especially impressed to be a twinner with "Hooma." Amy was delighted with the snow white color and hopes that it comes in that way after the chemo is all the way done. She says, "Then I'll finally look like my blondie daughters!" Amy's grandma had beautiful snow white hair and she used to joke it was her version of blonde too.

Chris will receive his temple endowment next week just before Amy begins chemo again in order to time things to her energy advantage. He is EXTREMELY excited :D

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