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Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20

Claire converses with her "Hooma" on the shuttle boat across Jenny's Lake. Amy and Chris prepare to hike to Hidden Falls.
Amy is doing so well! She has only one more chemo and that will be next week. She feels awesome (as evidenced by these "action shots"!) and is working hard to achieve total wellness. We are grateful for your continued prayers in behalf of our family.
Adam, Laurel and Claire will leave for Eugene next Thursday. After that, Amy will attempt to keep up this blog. Amy begs your patience while she learns the e-ropes.

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  1. look so good. I hope that is an indication of how you feel. It's nice you are so close to the end of your treatments.
    I'm sad your little extended family is leaving but they will only be a keyboard away. We're excited for Chris too. Lot's going on in your life right now. I still keep your name in the Temple. B.Happy, B.Well