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Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24th

Happy Pioneer Day! We are celebrating with that fabled food of the mighty pioneers: Pizza Hut. When it's Friday, it's Anthon's turn to do dinner and let me tell you, he's BIG on consistency!

Amy is making progress. She walks half-way around the block each day, sews baby projects and gardens a bit. Her big achievement recently was a return to doing the dishes. Before you call me a terrible daughter; she is deliriously happy to have a chore and it makes Fritz very proud. Throw my silly hand problems into the mix, and it really is a big contribution.

Adam and I estimate our moving date to be sometime very near September 10th.


  1. Having a desire to do simple tasks is a good sign. I'm so happy things are moving forward on such a good note. Many prayers are being said in your behalf and on the behalf of your entire family. You are loved!!!

  2. I'm happy to hear that Amy is able to do some dishes!! I bet being able to do those dishes is very gratifying. I just love Amy.