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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 8

Amy went into the hospital early yesterday morning with a painful bowel obstruction. She underwent surgery with Dr. Hammond here in Idaho Falls to remove the port and rebuild her small bowel. The surgery had complications and she lost quite a lot of blood. She is estimated to be in the ICU for 5-7 days. Fritz is by her side and is managing her care with extraordinary wisdom and foresight. He does not eat or sleep until her care decisions are all set with the oncologist and surgeon. There could not be a more caring physician!

We need continued prayers, as Amy expressed in her testimony on Sunday. Please also include the request that her mind and heart be healed and strengthened along with her body.

In happy news: Congratulations to Elder Christian Friedrich Schmutz, called to serve October 7th to the Kyiv, Ukraine Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ. Please enjoy this web exclusive!


  1. We will definitely pray for Amy. She is a strong woman! By the way, my brother went to that same mission! He loved it. He learned to knit and made a sweater and booties. :) Give your family our love

  2. Our prayers go out to Amy and your family. Congrats to Chris on his mission call.

  3. Rebecca HallidayJuly 10, 2009 at 3:54 PM

    I'm thinking about you my friend and sending extra prayers heavenward. You are an extraordinary woman! ...and a wonderful friend.

    Congratulations to Chris!

  4. That is great news for Chris. Russian speaking..Wow!
    Amy, I still put your name in the temple every 2 weeks. Blair and I also have your in our prayers and just know all will be well!
    We love you and your family and wish you all the happiness you can handle

  5. Congratulations to Chris for his call to the Ukraine. How wonderful- here come the best 2 years of your life and lots of extra blessings for your family at home. You will be a fantastic missionary. Also, megga congrats to Amy and what a great fight you put up with ovarian ca. The rest of us can now just watch your dust!