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Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17

Amy has made a bunch of progress all in the last few days and we expect her to badger the surgeon into letting her recover at home today! She is using her own stomach again and is off almost all IV's. She can even shuffle walk without a nurse. We think she'll get better faster in the midst of the kid circus we run back here, so we'll be happy to have her back. This whole episode does mean that chemotherapy cannot resume until she has healed from this surgery, placing her finish date closer to Thanksgiving and well past the time when I must move to Oregon.

Chris is working hard on a Russian language course he borrowed from Adam and I and we take periodic trips to IdaRuskie in downtown Idaho Falls (you can't beat their borscht--or anything else on the menu for that matter!). It is great to have something fun like his mission to put energy into.


  1. Amy,

    You are so strong. I admire you greatly. You and your family are always in my prayers. It looks as though our sons will be in the MTC for a time together. Cedar has received his mission call to Auckland, New Zealand and enters the MTC on September 30. Your family will be blessed by Chris' service. You have such a neat family. I wish you the speediest recovery and miss you. Please get well soon.

    Shannon (Amy) Hoffmann

  2. Rebecca HallidayJuly 17, 2009 at 1:55 PM

    Thanks for the update. Not a day goes by that I'm not thinking and worrying about your Mom and your family. I don't want to be a pest, so I don't call, but then I feel bad because I don't call. What's a person to do? :)
    You are an amazingly strong young lady! Tell your mother I love her and hurry up and get well so we can all go to Babe's. :) Love to you all the other assorted Schmutz's.

  3. Thanks so much for the update. So glad that Amy is healing. We are going to have to try the Russian Food. My neice went to the Ukraine on her mission and has been back to visit several times. She loved the people there.

  4. I finally found your blog Laurel. I'm happy to read that things are looking up for your mom. Please give her Amanda & I's well wishes. We've been praying for her and your family. Much love!

    Sarah Humpherys & Amanda McClure (from P2P)