Watch my hair grow...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thoughts from Amy

Top Ten Things about the Shave
10.The suspense is gone.
9. The rain of hair on my clothes, furniture, and dinner is over.
8. I look better than Sinnead O'Conner and almost as fine as Nefertiti, but not as cute as my granddaughter.
7. Oil of Olay on the scalp. Mmmm!
6. The scarf gets some respect. Suddenly lines are shorter and there's room to sit in public.
5. I might tell your fortune.
4. I never have a bad hair day, and I can change head looks easily.
3. Sunshine on my scalp.
2. Shower spray on my scalp.
and number 1:
Standing in a 60 mph wind in a bare head. Whooha!


  1. Amy, YOU ROCK!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Lisa Hamilton

  2. You are beautiful with or without a scarf. I love how you and Claire are buddies now. Keep up the good work Amy. We are routing for you on this one!! with love, Scott & Marci

  3. Amy,
    As always you have a way of making very fabulous lemonade from the lemons in your life. You look great and I love the new headgear. I think I envy your lack of worry in the wind....
    Also, Congrats! to have such great kids.
    Keep us have a gift for lifting others.
    Love to you...

  4. Amy,
    You are so amazing. Your fun perspective on your new style is fun to read and makes me want to shave my head as well, especially the part about the bare head in the wind! You look beautiful with your scarf. I am especially impressed with the peaceful air that sorrounds you. God bless! Love, Trish

  5. Amy,

    You're such a beautiful person inside and out, no matter what. I really admire you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up that stellar attitude. :)

    Shannon Hoffmann