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Monday, May 4, 2009

Thoughts from Amy

When my brother John and I were little, we used to play Monopoly on the floor of our home. Our 20 pound housecat, Henry, would make unannounced charges through the game, tossing it into the air and ruining the play. At the beginning of March my life gameboard was upset, and for a moment it was all a blur of colored paper, property cards, little houses and hotels, and the puppy dog and the shoe. Things have settled now, and I see that my gameboard is now cleared of all but two things: my family and my faith. But it still has two things! Two can be many, if they include loving people and God.
My old life was complex and rich, and there are hundreds of things I will miss about it, but I must do over and rebuild a new life. I'm not exactly sure of the direction, but I do know it involves music and service. Keep watching--this should be a good trick I'm about to do.
In the meantime, thank you so much for your prayers, thoughts, meals, e-mails, and cards. Thank you to everyone who contacted the Divine in their life on my behalf, including benevolent ancestors and musical offerings. I feel all of these, and they support me like a layer of warmth. Please continue to pray for me, and I will work hard to rebuild.


  1. I will keep my eye on you. Your always in my thoughts and prayers. I find it interesting that you really single out music. It is a wonderful source of magic! I highly recommend it as well. Stay strong, Love, April

  2. It is amazing what life boils down to, when we look at the really important. God and Family would be my choices too, with music and nature close behind. I always try to see, what this experience is supposed to teach me, so I can learn it the first time and don't need a secong go around. If nothing else, it comes down to Josephs answer in Liberty Jail: it will all give you experience. It's a good way to learn empathy and patience... not that I think you needed favorite thing to learn was that God is real, He really listens to us and is much closer than I ever imagined and He really cares and will walk by our side, always, even holding our hand. It feels good to know that.
    You are in our prayers, Amy, love you, Bibi

  3. Amy...somehow amid your trials you take a minute and lift us up. You are always amazing that way. I love your turn towards music for healing. It always soothes me as well. Allow us to do the service until you are back on your feet again...but what a wonderful goal for you.
    I am still putting your name in the Temple and Blair and I pray for you and your family.
    Remember you are loved by many!

  4. Amy
    That's just another reason to hate cats. Sorry, just couldn't resist.

  5. Amy,

    Some words from my cheerleading days in the long ago ancient past:

    "GO, FIGHT, WIN!!!!!"

    Love you lots,