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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22--Happy Earth Day!

Our first week of chemo is finished (treatment-wise) and Amy's taking it like a champ. She feels tired and achy and is working hard to obey her doctors, but on the whole describes the treatments as "not so bad."

Dr Schull's outfit here in Idaho Falls is a chemo dream come true! If you must undergo it, what's better than 4 hours in a plush leather easy chair with your own tv, window, and permission to have endless treats and crosswords? It's a blessing to be able to do this outside of a hospital room.

We took this four generation photo just minutes before Amy left on Monday morning to get started.


  1. Amy my friend, :-)

    I think about you every day. And also hope that you will get through this "darn chemo" real fast and without a lot of discomfort. We are leaving in the morning to go down to "my Amy's" graduation. She sends her love to you. She has put your name on the Jordan River Temple roll "until further notice". :-)We love you and your family. What a wonderful daughter you have. :-)

    All my love, prayers, and pink flamingos, :-)


  2. Amy,
    We are so pleased that your chemo went well this week.
    Our continued love and prayers.

  3. Sister Amy!

    My parents give me all the updates. I think you're wonderful.

    I was with my mom when she found the beanie flamingo. She was absolutely bent on finding one, and I doubted, but she set me straight! As you can imagine, she just about danced about the store when she discovered it! Okay, she really DID dance. :)

    Sending lots of love from the fair land of Sandy (weather's great!),

    your alter Amy

  4. You and your family are such neat people, Amy. I hope you're doing well and the chemo is doing its job. You're in our prayers.

    Shannon Hoffmann

  5. Amy,
    I hope those Elvis movies are keeping the pain at bay! Hopefully you can feel our love through the miles. We think of you, pray for you, and are grateful for you. Thanks for being the wonderful example of strength, courage, and peace. We love you!!

  6. Dear Friend:

    During the first week of April I was at a conference in Dallas. The hotel at which I was staying opened onto a Bloch Cancer Survivor's Park. I usually find a few hours during these conferences to visit some sights and sites, usually museums and historic places, but I felt compelled to tour this lovely park with its statues of families together, and plaques relating stats, stories, and affirmations of the survivablity of cancer. I felt better about the world after my visit, but didn't understand why I was compelled to do so until my return and I heard from your brother, John.

    I learned much in the park that day and I feel heartened that you are good hands: in the hands of expert physicians, including your wonderful husband, in the hands of your terrific family (good on ya', Laurel), and in the hands of your loving Heavenly Father. You'll beat this! Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Bob Ghent on behalf of myself, Judi, and the rest of the gang.