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Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13

We had a lovely Easter yesterday, including a surprise egg hunt set out by a mysterious Easter Bunny. Anthon, 9, and Hannah, 7, absolutely loved it! Thank you.

Today, Fritz put in a chest port for Amy (one of the procedures he specializes in luckily). He was able to make it a lot less scary than it would have been otherwise and the surgery was a total success. Now Amy has a total of two ports for targeted and general chemotherapy.

We are actually looking forward to Monday in a way. It will be nice to finally be "in" chemo instead of forever approaching it. Fritz has blessed Amy to be healed and so we view chemo as a means toward this end. Crummy, sure, but doable and worth it----definitely!

Also, thanks to those who have been sharing their survivor stories with us. We love to hear about other people who have kicked this. Amy certainly has noble company in her battle.


  1. Dearest Amy and family,

    You are kept very closely in my thoughts and prayers each day. At some later time, I know that you will be grateful for this experience, but for now, just know how many people are cheering you on and knowing that the best will happen for you. You are a very special person with many fans! I love this idea of the blog spot, thank you Laurel so doing this for all of us. I will call soon, love , April

  2. Amy!

    John just sent us this blogspot. My advice? DRUGS! Whatever you need to get through the chemo! When my mom went through chemo, the medications helped her to manage it well. Your hubby will know all the good meds to help you through! I know Zofran used to be the drug of choice, but maybe there are new and improved varieties now.

    Just rest, sleep, and relax. When you are awake, watch a movie or do something simple and fun.

    Don't let anything pressure you. Just relax and heal. You are so awesome! We'll be sending good thoughts your way!

    Love you!

    Mary Bonham

  3. We just wanted to express our love to you all. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers. Please call if we can do ANYTHING at Anytime. Julie and Brad Hatch Family

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  5. Good luck with the upcoming chemo. What a blessing to have the priesthood on the Earth.

  6. For a smile sometime go to our blog and then the Martha Cake blog and check out October's cake made by your very own Chris with help from Jordan and John Meyers. They did this back in 2006 it was a very fun night.

  7. Amy,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know that your faith, family & friends, and awesome sense of humor will get you through these difficult times.
    Laurel, Thanks for doing this blog.
    Blessings to you and your family,
    Lisa Hamilton

  8. Thinking and praying for you today...and all the days ahead of you.
    Blair and Celia