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Friday, July 16, 2010

Secret Surgery

Last week I went through a pre-planned, optional, prophylactic surgery. Because I am positive for the breast cancer gene, I had an 87% chance of getting breast cancer over the rest of my life.
To reduce my risk of breast cancer down to 3% and improve my chances of a longer life, I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy, with reconstruction. That means that I chose to have both my breasts removed, and then replaced with implants at the same surgery. Gratefully, my surgeon was able to do this, and I am recovering quickly with the help of my mother and daugher Laurel.

I told almost no one ahead of time. Even family members did not know. When I first found out about the broken gene I carry, I wondered who should I tell, and how do I tell them. I really never came to a resonable answer for either question, so I kept it secret. Please forgive me if you felt excluded. I still need your prayers and support, and your understanding about my decision to do this quietly.

Please also know that I spent a lot of time researching the procedure and finding a doctor here in Idaho Falls to do the work. Now that I am on the other side of this, I am happy to talk to other women who have done this or are contemplating doing this. If you have any friends that could use a phone call or e-mail from me, I would be delighted to help out.

My check up numbers look very good, as do all the office visits I've had lately. Thanks again for your continued prayers on my behalf. And by the way--I am grateful for my cute little new bosoms!


  1. Amy,
    We are so grateful for you (and your 2 new buddies). We will continue to pray for you and your family. We love you~ Marci Sargent

    PS: Remember,
    "3...that's a magic number"
    Sesame Street

  2. So happy that you have been successful in everything you have been through! You're such a great example of enduring well. Love you & pray for you!

  3. I'm glad the surgery went well. Modern science is amazing, isn't it?!

  4. I am happy you are doing well! You are such a great example to me. :)