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Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from Yellowstone

Amy began her fourth treatment cycle today. We've had serious colds going around in our family the past week and we've been very anxious about the possibility of having to delay Amy's treatments if she were to contract anything, so it is a tremendous relief to have had her cleared for the rounds this morning. Amy is hiding out in her bedroom until the illness blows over. Although terribly dull, it's the best way to ensure that no errant hugs and kisses spread the "joy."

Last week, we enjoyed a family vacation to Yellowstone Park (which is like Disneyland for Amy). We rented a cabin in Island Park and stocked it with plenty of goodies--including Mystery Science Theater 3000 films! While in the park, we witnessed the Pink Cone Geyser going off; a rare and awesome experience. Pink Cone is our favorite geyser because it looks like a pimple on the chalky face of the caldera... Pictures to follow when I upload them.

Also, Anthon has a blog with stories and videos authored by himself. He'd like to share it with everyone:

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  1. Rebecca HallidayJune 25, 2009 at 5:25 PM

    Here's hoping you are out of your prison cell...I mean room. :) Loved Anthon's blog. He continues to amaze Glen and I. Looking forward to a visit when you feel up to it. :)